27 Oct 2012

The 100 week project

One of my favorite photo.
A boy and his dog in Kingston market
My friend, Rima and I both love taking photos and she told me about the project called "The 100 Week". It was on the Oct 1st-7th, 2012 that we had to use a disposable camera to record our life during the week. So we went to a store called Tiger to buy one camera to start our little project. We took pictures together sometimes and also separately. But there was something wrong with my camera that it was stuck when it still had 3 or 4 more shots.

Finally we went for developed our film today and it's so expensive! I won't do it again here. It comes out only 20 pictures. Because it's not digital, you have to think before you shoot. There's no second chance actually. When I look at the pictures, I still can remember what I thought at that time! Even I still remember the last photo I took was in the Lodon tube, but it doesn't make it because the camera was stuck.

Here they are! And I'll write the story behind each of them later on~

Cloudy,rainy day through my window
Repair for the building?

Knights Park campus' Gallery
An old man

Sun shine!!!
I think that's my finger with the moist window

Mothers' Love
Cross over

Kingston upon Thames!

On the Kingston Bridge

Light and Dark


Saturday Kingston Market
At Somerset House

Kingston Market again

Video Chat

Good morning!


Summer project

12 Oct 2012

It's hard for me…

The design I saw on London Design Festival.
The shape is just like what i feel right now…
It's hard for me to deal with English conversation all day,especially reading English text books on unfamiliar topics.
My brain will be stock with lots of error outputs or unknown inputs.
Then, how can I manage to debate with others in English…
I am not intimidated by tutors or project brief but my poor English.
Well, look at the bright side that there are more than 2/3 of students come from Asia.
And most of the students are international.

10 Oct 2012

Recipe Tuesday: Bolognese Pasta (義大利肉醬麵)



Recipe: 義大利肉醬麵

  1. 將洋蔥、大蒜、蕃茄、蘑菇和一些甜椒切塊。
  2. 用奶油(或是橄欖油)先將大蒜和洋蔥炒到有點半透明,放入甜椒,再放入豬和牛絞肉,記得把絞肉炒開,不然會粘在一起。(在這我只使用豬肉,還是不要吃牛肉比較好)
  3. 當大部份的絞肉都有上色了,就把蘑菇和番茄放入,悶蓋煮一下,小心不要燒焦了!
  4. 放入市售的意大利番茄醬,份量是至少食材都要浸在番茄汁裡頭。 當然也可以用番茄罐頭再自己調味,只是我懶惰而且沒有開罐器,這樣方便許多,只是看味道你喜不喜歡就是了。
  5. 熬煮個20分鐘左右讓他收汁入味,再來煮把義大利麵就完成啦!

Recipe: Bolognese Pasta
  1. Chop some onion, garlics, tomatoes, mushrooms and color peper.
  2. Use butter or olive oil to stir-fry the garlic and onion first. Then put ground beef and pork after color peper and cook it till most of the meat get the color on.
  3. Put tomatoes and mushrooms in and the lid on the pan. Let it cook for a while till the meat is well done. Make sure don't burn your sauce!
  4. Use the tomato sauce can from supermarket to flavor it. You can choose any brands and flavor you like. Or you can just add make your own tomato sauce! The amount is at least cover all your ingredients. 
  5. Cook 20 mins more to condense the sauce. And you can serve with your pasta!

3 Oct 2012

Recipe Tuesday: Chicken soup with noodle (雞湯麵之大同電鍋第一炊)


不過這週還只是introduction week,好戲還在後頭呢!


Recipe: 大同電鍋-雞湯麵

  1. 基本上就是雞腿先用檸檬汁、鹽、胡椒、橄欖油和香料先腌一下下。
  2. 將大部份的食材先炒一下,包括大蒜、洋蔥、紅蘿蔔和馬鈴薯,雞腿也要煎一下讓外表上色。
  3. 在大同電鍋的內鍋中放入薑片、蕃茄以及炒過的食材之後,加水至至少淹過所有食材,就可以放入電鍋中煮囉!
  4. 等湯煮好之後再另外煮麵就可以了!是不是很方便又很簡單呢!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Recipe: Chicken soup with noodle

  1. Cut the carrot, and potatoes about bite-sized.
  2. Prepare some garlic, ginger slice, a tomato cut in 4, and chopped onion.
  3. Season your chicken with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt and peper. If you want, you can have some mix herb, too. 
  4. Stir-fry the garlic and onion first, then put your chicken in (without the sauce). Till both side of chicken are get the brown color, add carrot and potatoes.
  5. Put ginger, tomato and the chicken seasoning sauce in the inner pot of Tatung cooker. Then put all the ingredients you've cooked into the inner pot, too.
  6. Pour water in till cover all the ingredients and you can add some fresh Basil.
  7. Turn the cooker on and you can go shopping for a while.
  8. When it comes close to the dinner time, you just need to prepare your noodles and chicken soup is already done!

    p.s. If it's not salty enough, you can add some salt at last.